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"Space - a vast and ruthless ocean, filled with mysteries, unspeakable horrors and the heroes that must rise to their challange. Humanity, with its thirst for exploration and knowledge, braved the great unknown and colonized space, expanding ever further into the unknown reaches of the galaxy. There, in the searing crucible of interstellar war, its flaws and virtues will be tested. Will it survive and become eternal or fade away into the sable blackness of space? At the end, only memories and ghosts may remain - Echoes of an Astral Empire."


Abodean Skye is a progressive power metal trio consisting of UK multi-instrumentalists Bogdan Vera and Henry Mahy, and US singer Will Shaw. Drawing inspiration from sci-fi and space opera, they create music that brings the galloping riffs, heroism and technicality of power prog metal into the vast expanse of space. 


Their new album, Echoes of an Astral Empire will be released on the 31st of March 2015. 


Bogdan Vera - Synths, Bass

Will Shaw - Vocals

Henry Mahy - Guitars


Production: Bogdan Vera, Henry Mahy

Artwork: Andrija Drenovakovic

Echoes of an Astral Empire

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Released - 31-03-2015

Regenesis 2:06
The Exodus 6:37
Ancient Souls 8:37
Battle of Tears 6:01
Chaos : Entropy 6:10
Barren 07:07
Silver Shard 7:33
Return of The Fleet 10:18
Dissolution: 1:28


Special Guests:

Jenny Green (Cryptic Age, Quietus) - Guest Singer on "Silver Shard"

Stuart Perry (Sellsword) - Narration on "Return of The Fleet"



Andrija Drenovakovic

Special Thanks:

Slavisa Milojkovic


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